Nutrition and Wellness Services

Reclaim your health and fall in love with food! Rather than dwelling on diets and calories, our team works with you to create an inspired, healthy life that is flexible, fun, and free of denial or deprivation. With a personalized plan designed just for you, you can achieve all of your individual health, nutrition, and wellness goals!


  • Increase energy
  • Manage allergies or dietary restrictions due to health concerns
  • Maximize your sports performance through nutrition
  • Achieve your ideal weight in a healthful way
  • Learn how to shop and stock your kitchen with healthy, delicious foods
  • Discover nourishing foods and ditch processed foods
  • Reclaim your health
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn to cook or become more efficient in the kitchen
  • Explore cooking with local, whole foods


NEW:  Picky Eaters Program: Raise Your Child to Appreciate Food

  • Learn how to raise an adventurous eater
  • Overcome "Picky Eater" Struggles
  • Cook ONE meal that the whole family will love
  • Teach your kids to love nourishing foods
  • Start cooking WITH your kids
  • Learn about Experimental Eating

Private In-Home Healthy Cooking Classes

Get to know your kitchen! It misses you. Cooking is one of the essential, most important skills to learn in your quest towards healthy living. Katie will come in-home and provide tips and tricks to teach you how simple healthy cooking can be. As a bonus to new skills, Katie will help you prepare a bounty of yummy, good-for-you food to enjoy. Please inquire for details.

  • 1-2 hour cooking class in your own home (max 3 people)
  • Personalized menu preparation
  • Preparation of 4-6 recipes (includes main dishes and sides)
  • Learn time-saving healthy tips for creating nourishing meals
  • Copies of all recipes are provided
  • Classes start at $500 though pricing varies depending on the desired menu and travel time

*Katie is also available for larger cooking classes! Prices will be determined based on the clients specific needs.

Schedule an appointment with Katie Cavuto MS, RD to learn the tools that will help you achieve your new lifestyle!


From speaking engagements and lunch-and-learns to tips and recipes for inclusion in your corporation's newsletter or email blasts, we offer a variety of corporate wellness services that are tailored to fit your company's needs.

  • a travel fee of $.50 per mile of 15 miles each way will added to the cost for clients that live outside of Center City and West Philadelphia.